[[hey guys! i’m not dead just … well I know I said I have a functioning laptop and internet while on vacation; but I have lost/misplaced my adapter and can’t use the laptop unless I find it/replace it. Good news though (not really for me :p) I’ll be back home in exactly a week and I will be back into the game at a better rate]]

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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course

[[Watch me respond to this 500 years later orz okay here goes nothing:

1- I’m a rational, intellectual person; I use my head to think about things and if it makes no sense for me I’d refuse to do it. tho i usually end up over analyzing things and don’t see the humor in many things that people are used to do all the time.

2- I have a respect for cultures, nations, and races. I believe that every culture has its own rich culture and heritage, all the different languages fascinate me as well.

3- I’m a hardworking person. I put a lot effort in everything I do, so even if I end up failing I’d know that I have given it my all and don’t feel as guilty/bad about me not reaching my goals.

4- I’m not the judging type. I mean, I try my best not to do that because everyone have their own reasons for acting a certain way. And I’m not in any position to judge or be mad at them.

5- I’m nice and friendly to any and everyone as long as they treat me with respect. I don’t disrespect anyone or make fun of them, and I detest those who are rude and treat others (especially those who work in direct contact with customers like in retail or restaurants or anywhere else) badly and with no respect.]]

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     The woman was as stubborn if not more stubborn than he was. Truth of the matter was that no one could be trusted, which included him from the point of view of strangers. Jake would never kill someone if they didn’t want to kill him, but no one else knew that. The woman in front of him though was obviously dangerous and was very confident in her abilities. Jake was okay with a gun, but he wasn’t a pro. The stranger’s stance and how she held her weapon told Jake that she was quite possibly much better than he was. 

     She wasn’t going to give up,
                    but did that mean that he had to?
                                     What if she shot him anyways.?

                   ”I am, but if I do decide to lower it how do I know you won’t just kill me?”

      His gun wavered slightly as he thought about putting the weapon down, but he still hesitated. His resolve and pride wouldn’t let him. His stupid manly pride.


He still did not back down, not the would expect him to. It was either that persistence or death. So was the state of the world they live in. She still held him at gun point, safety off and finger ready on the trigger. It is only an act of foolishness to lower her firearm and take his words as they are.

It would be nothing short of foolish and fatal.

The rules were simple; survival of the fittest, and, kill or be killed. She is not standing here by any token of luck, trust the next fool you meet and you’re history. She was skilled enough to push through everything that came her way. Many battles she has fought and many she has come across. Some have proved to be worthy of being acquainted, some tried to stab her in the back but learned too late that it was not worth the risk. Oh well, they have a lifetime of death to contemplate their actions.

                      ❝You will be standing long enough to realize that.

He was willing to cooperate, at least he did not start firing and playing the poor innocent victim’s act. However, lowering her weapon was not going to happen. She will not use her gun unless he gives her a reason to. And thus far, he seems to be more keen and talking than fighting.

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[MSG] You never know.
[MSG] Although it wasn’t quite lewd.
The bather was still very nude.
The man helped her dress.
Though her hair was a mess.
Her thanks given were quite crude.

[txt] I'd imagine so.

[txt] What happens next?

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[ ??? ]:


☩                 ;;

                                   ❝ depends. what business are we talking about? ❞


❝Nothing too drastic, thus you may rest assured.❞

❝Are you in or out? The details would come afterwards.❞

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[[Sorry for not being online guys. Long story short: I’m on vacation but I do have a good wifi and a shitty laptop to keep me connected. Said shitty laptop is making things very difficult plus being on vacation leaves me so little time to log in a do replies immediately. I do plan on role playing though, but please bear with my slowness. I do plan on being active on here tonight and I’m going to knock a number of drafts down while I’m at it.]]

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there are ship partners and then there are ship soulmates who headcanon with you until you run out of things to say about your ship (which is never) and who you can message like “hey do this with me” and they will and who are chill about replies bc lbr your ships aren’t gonna die anytime soon

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Falling Roses

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Joel looked around at the surroundings confused knowing she was completely full of shit. “Right.” The world had been in shambles from day one of the infection and it only took about a year for the the world to take over the rest of it. “Tell me. You always talk outta your ass?” Smooth Joel.


  It was no hidden fact that the world as everyone knew it has gone to shambles since the outbreak. A romantic person might enjoy the greenery and the dominance of nature to some degree. But herself? She was a realist. She did not over romanticize the world, she only saw it ass it is, and lived accordingly. ❝Where is your sense of humor? ❞

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      May I remind you
                  that you're still
                                  on duty...

                                                    ALWAYS ON CALL
                                  ✓ Been RPing as character for 19 months
                                  ✓ A writer for about 14 years 
                                  ✓OOC stuff tagged “outofcommunication”
                                  ✓ Enjoys exploring new aspects and ideas
                                  ✓ Cross-over/Alternate Universe can happen [Verse page
                                  ✓Ships chemistry!
                                 ✗No multiples of my muse
                                 ✗No multi-ship in mainverse
                                 ✗No magic anons/gender-bends
                                 ✗I will not follow everyone back
                                 ✗Smut will only happen occasionally, will be tagged and hidden
                                 ✗No god-modding, shit-talking, etc. 

                                             ✉[ASK] ♡[NAVIGATION]➟[ABOUT]

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