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  • Mun & muse are above 21 years of age
  • 6 years of roleplay experience with 1 on Livejournal and 2 on tumblr
  • Replies range from one liners to short paragraphs
  • Tends to reply in less than 72 hours unless on vacation
  • Very rarely does roleplaying with icons
  • Prefers simple formatting without microscopic fonts and fancy symbols
  • Willing to roleplay with people from other fandoms and will do research if unfamiliar with the fandom
  • Doesn’t do giveaways when “milestones” are reached
  • Doesn’t do starters but you are more than welcomed to drop an ask to plot a thread
  • Doesn’t bite so please don’t be intimidated
  • Drama free blog but will bite if the bee’s nest is provoked
  • Totally loves cats and the color purple ^_^

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                              • Primary to the Resident Evil fandom but rolls with others.
                                       • 10+ years of RP experience • aus and ocs are welcomed                                                               •  one liners / single para / multi para • nsfw at times
                                       • sails on a single ship • mun/muses all over 18
                                       • mun is a simple potato who likes friends….

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Sᴇᴇᴍs sᴏ.
                Dᴏɴ’ᴛ sᴇᴇ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴇʟsᴇ ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ, ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ?

"That’s besides the point."

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[[online-ish. i’m exhausted and hungry. managed to shower and hoping to eat something soon then i’ll attempt to knock down some replies or just fool around with small stuff. drop by my ask (help me keep ada around) or just tell me you want to do the thing and we can roll]]

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                        { p  r  a  e  t  e  r  ☦  h  o  m  i  n  i  s }

                    "nobody remembered to roll out my red carpet."

Indipendedt Ada Wong ask and role play blog.

Single-ship | Multiverse | Multi fandom | OC friendly-selective.

One liner | Multi para | Novella | etc.

1.5 years of role play experience.


Both mun and muse are of age.

Adult themes: Smut, violence and gore. Trigger warnings are issued.

Skype is available upon request for mutuals only.

                             [ inquiries | Navigo | mos moris ]

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ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴏғ Lᴇᴏɴ S. Kᴇɴɴᴇᴅʏ ᴅᴀᴍɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴇᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴ

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But that's what happens when you listen to rumors...

The Director Is In

  •  Mostly singleverse with some AU thrown in 
  •  No multiship 
  •  OC/Multifandom friendly 
  •  No longer actively participates in field missions…. usually…. 
  •  NSFW welcome once it has been discussed 
  •  Flexible format, though usually does para and rarely uses icons 
  •  Kept as realistic as possible and canons backed with research 
  •  Preference is for story arcs/plotted threads 
  •  Enjoys exploring all aspects of Muse 
  •  Active RPer since before most of you were born 
  •  Sorry no follow for follow but will usually look at a page when followed if the follow is seen.

- - - Everything You Need to Know - - -

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      May I remind you
                  that you're still
                                  on duty...

                                                    ALWAYS ON CALL
                                  ✓ Been RPing as character for 19 months
                                  ✓ A writer for about 14 years 
                                  ✓OOC stuff tagged “outofcommunication”
                                  ✓ Enjoys exploring new aspects and ideas
                                  ✓ Cross-over/Alternate Universe can happen [Verse page
                                  ✓Ships chemistry!
                                 ✗No multiples of my muse
                                 ✗No multi-ship in mainverse
                                 ✗No magic anons/gender-bends
                                 ✗I will not follow everyone back
                                 ✗Smut will only happen occasionally, will be tagged and hidden
                                 ✗No god-modding, shit-talking, etc. 

                                             ✉[ASK] ♡[NAVIGATION]➟[ABOUT]

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                              • Primary to the Resident Evil fandom but rolls with others.
                                       • 10+ years of RP experience • aus and ocs are welcomed                                                               •  one liners / single para / multi para • nsfw at times
                                       • sails on a single ship • mun/muses all over 18
                                       • mun is a simple potato who likes friends….

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cyanidestilettos - independent ada wong.

                                                        [ ᏟՍᏴᎬ] [ ᏒՍᏞᎬᏚ ] [ ᎬᎢᏟ ]

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Skylines of pitch orange, driven mad by the chaos of foreign cities overtaken by darkness.  A sole, hazel eye watches from a window in one of the smaller rooms in the large building.  This city once was lain with a rhythmical sync that kept it growing. But things tend to change rather suddenly when someone unleashes death upon it’s heels, and sends the strongest toppling over in painful screams.

Clicking her tongue against her teeth, Temperance glances down at the modified iphone hooked to her hip, tracing her fingers along the wire which leads up to the single, optical visor covering her one good eye.  The other hidden behind an eye patch for the time being. That would change soon if she survives this mission.

"—————-It’s bad.." she mutters into the small microphone hovering to the side of her mouth.  One hand rises, tapping silently at the air before her, shifting and tapping again as if she were sliding through various windows.

It was suppose to be a vacation, but it wasn’t uncommon for it to turn into something much different. There was a small incident in some low key medical facility that landed the whole place in chaos.  Rio De Janeiro————

Not all of the city had been afflicted. Most of it had managed to escape the initial outbreak, but those trapped in the sector that had been, would likely not survive.

”..then again, when is this shit ever good?  I’m not sure what we’re dealing with, but you bitches owe me a cart of hoagies when I get home.. This was suppose to be my vacation.”

Another couple of taps met the air before her as she pulls up data on the visor, “Mhm.  Just make sure Joe makes them.  Got satellite feed.. You guys keep an eye out for anymore outbreaks.. I’ll look into the current one.”

Time to get to work… And she begrudgingly made her way from the room, loaded up on a couple guns, her particular brand of nano-thermite bombs and a few other collections of things to ensure that she’d have a fighting chance if things went down.  Bomber jacket, tank top, torn jeans and sneakers.  She really had been looking forward to resting.  And not in the hospital.

Down the corridors of the hotel, and into the lift, she stops to lean against the inner wall with a sigh.  What a mess…  She would be happy to just blow every bio-terrorist away with her pretty little bombs.

Rio De Janeiro, not one of the world’s smallest of cities by any long shot. It has all started several weeks ago; a suspicious cargo boarded from a small African port, making it’s way across the ocean. Where it was headed, no body knew. The ship went off and on radar, throwing off all and any trackers. Around a month later, the same ship has arrived at a low-traffic port in Brazil.

It may have been nothing to be concerned about; just an illegal shipment of any merchandise. Except, that was not the case, not this time. Something was off about this entire cruise. A little snooping around got all the needed answers. 

The shipment arrived to the African port via a small bio-medical company, a company that worked in the shadows. I was not well known, mainly due to Tricell’s dominance. It was the big market, smaller companies were not under the spotlight due to that. And this small company? It took full advantage of that.

Chaos, destruction, and anarchy. These are the only results of what this shipment contained. If left unattended.  As soon as the ship docked in Rio, Ada’s ride was ready to take here there immediately. 

However, the city was not a small city, there were many leads and the people she was after were careful about leaving any tracks. Not to her though; she had access to traffic cameras down the streets,  an innocent white pick-up had the cargo in it and it drove away from the city. Last traffic camera off the highway recorded the car heading further into the rural forests, a part of the land where nature was more dominant. It would be the perfect little spot to hide a small facility, or any shack that would allow any bio terrorist group to conduct their experiments.

As she arrived in her hotel room, she checked into her reserved suite. A map of the designated area flashed on her PDA’s screen, a flashing red mark adorned the spot where the facility is. She would head out at sunset. This operation needs to be stopped before it launches; if someone unleashed what their containers contained, this city will face a fate similar to that of Raccoon City and Lanshiang.


That was the state of the shack  as she has entered it. There were some bio-medical documents, but nothing on the virus. The place was swept clean. It was not a big shack, it had 4 medium sized rooms that were likely used for research and experimentation. There were no relevant data left on any of the computers. 

A small shelf with classic books decorated one of the walls. It has not been touched for a while; dust has gathered around the shelf and the books, covering them and a grey-ish cloud. Upon closely examining the shelf, something caught her eye. One of the books had less dust on it, picking that book up and flipping through the pages, a small data chip fell to the floor.


Inserting the data chip in her PDA, a small message played on screen:

>> Downtown Rio

>> 2215

A place and a time… That’s when the operation is taking place. It was only five minutes before the clock hits the designated time. By the time she arrives, it would be too late to stop whatever that virus is. 

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”You should be too seeing as you are still alive after that little cut of yours.” Her sarcasm was definitely not going to be ignored. She was in no condition to be going around. Her stitches were still fresh and she still had some discomfort from it from his observation of her careful movements.

”i think not.” He grabbed the teddy again but also grabbed her elbow. ”Ada, I really think you need to take it easy.” 

"It was nothing I couldn’t handle." Here she is, alive and well. Very well. Which was something that Leon was not ready to deal with. Not that it is a concern of her.

"Move out of the way." She’d only say it once. As a payback for these past few days. If she wants out, she can do so easily, without him detecting her or realizing that she is gone until it’s too late. But, she’d play it nice with him for now. "I am taking it easy.”

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"I can’t believe this is happening again. It is just like Raccoon City."

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Send my muse a rumor about them and see how they react

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