[[heyyy now that i have arrived and finally settled here is what i'm going to do:

1- copy all files from my old hard drive to the new one (i just bought it less than an hour ago)

2- finish up my report that is due tomorrow (working on vacation is not fun okay)

3- write an apology letter for marna for sleeping on her while we’re skyping for the 449532422th time (i'm sorry it happened AGAIN)

4- visit my drafts and see what I can do with them]]

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"Amateurs. They didn’t even give me a pat-down."

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May I remind you 
                  that you're still 
                                  on duty...

                                                    ALWAYS ON CALL
                                  ✓ Been RPing as character for 20 months 
                                  ✓ A writer for about 14 years 
                                  ✓OOC stuff tagged “outofcommunication”
                                  ✓ Enjoys exploring new aspects and ideas 
                                  ✓ Cross-over/Alternate Universe can happen [Verse page
                                  ✓Ships chemistry!
                                 ✗No multiples of my muse 
                                 ✗No multi-ship in mainverse 
                                 ✗No magic anons/gender-bends 
                                 ✗I will not follow everyone back 
                                 ✗Smut will only happen occasionally, will be tagged and hidden 
                                 ✗No god-modding, shit-talking, etc. 

                                             ✉[ASK] ♡[HOME]➟[ABOUT]

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♔    prιvαтe AU Hυɴɴιɢαɴ

♔    cнαoтιc ɴeтυrαl

♔    нαcĸer тerrorιѕт ғor нιre

♔ Bʀɪᴇғ ᴛɪᴍᴇʟɪɴᴇ (Fυll тιмelιɴe нere)

//ok, so this is a little side project i’ve been stewing on since i started RPing as hunnigan. originally i was going to have hunnigan working for umbrella/neo-umbrella but that is beating a dead horse. no one wants to go down w/ that ship. so, this is Pandora Box (yes it is an alias, what do you want from me). she has her own alternate storyline, her own look, personality, etc. they are two different people sharing a body and brain space. you ever wanted to hire a wicked queen of data, here is your chance. for rn i’m only going to do threads w/ mutuals. it is a secondary blog to this one, ha so if you send messages to pandora, i’ll think i answer them through this account. also if i follow you, i think it will follow me through this account. idk, secondary accounts are weird yo. 

anyways, yes. i suggest giving the short timeline a look over and if you are interested, look over the about and longer timeline. 

just fyi, while i have your attention, unless we’ve had a detailed thread about our muses knowing each other or if your muse is someone who works with hunnigan canonically, please don’t assume you know it is hunnigan in a sexy get-up and blonde wig. pandora will just think you are buckets of crazy and the thread will be extremely brief. 

if you have an idea you want to run or questions, plz ask me! uwu

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Send one of these in my askbox to see how my muse reacts

“Everyone ends up alone.”
"Stay close to me."
"We need to get away."
"This is all for you.”
"How could you be so heartless?"
"There’s gotta be another way out."
“I’ve tried forever getting out on my own.”
“I don’t wanna fight alone anymore.”
“I never thought you would really go.”
“I was being such a fool.”
“But I can’t live without you.”
“If I wanted to leave I would have left by now.”
"Don’t let me down.”
“And now I’m feeling stupid.”
“I’ll only stay with you one more night.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Can’t take it no more.”
“I used to pretend that I felt okay.”
“I’ve failed you again.”
“God knows that I tried…”
“I was dreaming for so long.”
"You are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need.”
“If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?”
"We both know how this ends."
“This is not what I do.”
“Is that alright?”
“Am I even human?”
"I’m a mess."
"At least I’ve always been myself.”
“No one knows my heart.”
“I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“There is something that you need to let me know.”
“Be honest please.”
“Say you’ll stay.”
"I’ll look after you."
“I wasn’t looking for this.”
"Here’s my number."
“Where do you think you’re going, baby?”
“I missed you so bad.”
"You see?"
"Come on let’s go and play!"
“Be my baby.”
“Don’t you ever say I just walked away.”
“I will always want you.”
“I never meant to start a war.”
“I just wanted you to let me in.”
“I guess I should’ve let you win.”
"You make me crazy from happiness."
"You’re my prince from the fairy tale."
"Where do I go if you leave?"
"I was afraid you don’t care about me."
“I can’t forget you.”
“I’m your destiny.”
“You are like frost.”
“We just have to wait until the next life.”
"We need to talk."
“Where did I go wrong?”
"I lost a friend."
“If I don’t say this now I will surely break.”
“I’m losing my control.”
“What’s mine is yours to leave or take.”
“You’ve begun to feel like home.”
“If that’s what you want…”
“But I’m only human!”
“I bleed…”
"I can do it!"
“Don’t let them in.”
“Let it go.”
"We only have each other." 
“Okay, can I just, say something crazy?”
"We are meant to be."

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psa: if you ever have any questions about my character, you are always welcome to ask them. i encourage asking questions for it also helps me develop my character further or help explain something unclear.

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citiesdie ;  


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”No. Your loss. Happy being naked alone.” He sure as hell hoped she was alone.

"Alone? You sure~"

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If we roleplay:

1. Don’t apologize for being late/slow with replies.

2. Take all of the time you need. Days, weeks, months, doesn’t matter. Don’t put yourself under stress because of such pointless things.

3. Your personal life out of character along with your health are the most important. If you drop a thread/conversation/whatever, it’s alright. Just stay safe and take care.

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Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

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”You know what…never mind.” 

"Your loss~"

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”…That. Exactly that. ”


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”Trying to get a point through to you is more painful than removing a bullet sometimes….”

"Uh huh."

"Your point being…?"

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curatrixdetutela ;  
Mwahah you know me thus this being said. You are one of my favorite Adas to date.

[[this makes me happy to hear uwu and it’s good to have you back!]]

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